X-Ray Analysis

X-Ray Inspection & Analysis

Widely considered a non-destructive test, X-ray inspection and analysis is a process used to verify the bond wire connections, die size comparison and electrode-static discharge (ESD) damage. At Global Electronics Testing Services our typical sample lot check is 5 samples or 100% depending customer requirement. Counterfeit devices can be determined by comparing the structure of the die to a known good device. Part should be identical from bond wire location to die size. X-Ray perform base on AS5553 and MIL-STD-883 2012.7.

X-ray inspection is just one step towards counterfeit avoidance.

This test is considered a non-destructive test and can identify:

• Broken bond wires
• ESD and EOS detection
• Voids
• Die size
• Die shape
• Die bond options
• Misplaced bond wires
• Lead design
• Canted die
• Comparative analysis

Lead Design
bond option
Bond Options
Bond wires
Bond wires
Die Size